Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, April 11: Signaling a major shift in marketing and strategy, Disneyland opens The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, a new attraction designed to appeal to "young children and their families." What's next—a whole park devoted to California? Nahhh, that would be stupid. . . . The Reg drops a small but painful bombshell on "future Lieutenant Governor" Sheriff Mike Carona. Seems Carona has been using official Sheriff's patrol helicopters to fly to award ceremonies, TV interviews and other personal destinations. Of course, Carona and his top lieutenants already have official cars and SUVs at their disposal. Carona's defense: department policy says it's okay, and lots of other sheriffs do it, too.

SATURDAY, April 12: What is this: Freaking Paul Freeman Week? In addition to telling the OC grand jury where to get off and enjoying watching locals cry over their doomed bowling alley, now the Laguna Greenbelt says Freeman is playing a key role in a sleazy public-relations plan to keep El Morro beach from returning to its old status as a public state park. Is there any special-interest ass this guy won't kiss?

SUNDAY, April 13: Hey, didn't Paul Freeman play a Nazi stooge in Raiders of the Lost Ark? Oh, that was another guy? Our Freeman only plays a stooge in real life?

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