The Enlightened Cop

Jarret Lovell teaches cops the value of political dissent

Most of the students seem to think the idea of discretion is a breath of fresh academic air. Valerie Scott, a criminal justice/psychology double major says, "The other criminal-justice classes I've taken just basically give you the facts and expect you to regurgitate them. But this one gives you a different perspective on things. It's a more open-minded perspective on things." Scott's comments prompt the sleepy girl to mutter something about "alternative options of change."

Of course, alternative options of change—protest—only produce change when someone is watching or speaking up!

For the final class meeting, Lovell has invited J. Tracy, author of The Civil Disobedience Handbook, to give a seminar on the how-to's of protest. His topics will include what clothes to wear when protesting and what time to protest if you want press coverage.

Lovell adds that it has been his own experience that a protest sign with a white background and black lettering always shows up best in newspaper photos.

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