Daddy Warbucks

In Africa, violence from dictators or al-Qaida presents a relatively minor danger compared to other problems. Booker can think of better uses for American money. "The AIDS epidemic is the greatest global threat facing the world right now—greater than terrorism, greater than weapons of mass destruction," Booker said in an interview last week. "It is killing 3 million people a year. It is a public health crisis killing more people than terrorism, destroying more families, undermining economies because it is striking down the most productive sectors of populations and destabilizing economies. . . . The global need is for money for AIDS, not for war. Look at the levels of resources the U.S. is talking about: $200 billion dollars—and this is escalating—and meanwhile hardly any money is being spent on AIDS, by far a deadlier threat. And African countries can't grapple with it on their own."

Additional reporting by Phoebe St. John, Mosi Secret and Joanna Khenkine.
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