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The Newport fest organizers get crazy with the double-entendres yet again, bunch of rascals that they are. This shorts program includes Javier Reyna's Legwork, about the tenacious tactics of some bill collectors. (Edwards Island Cinemas, 8 p.m.)

Un Secreto de Esperanza(A Beautiful Secret)

Mexico, 2002


It's 1984, and Jorge, a rebellious 12-year-old, journeys within an old house his neighbors think to be haunted. Inside, he discovers something more precious than ghosts: a friend whose influence will affect Jorge for the rest of his life. (Edwards Island Cinemas, 8:30 p.m.)

The Outsiders

United States, 1983


It's a gala 20th anniversary tribute to the Francis Ford Coppola gangland youth drama that starred absolutely everybody who went on to fame in the '80s: Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Hulk Hogan, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane, Boy George, Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio, Alf, C. Thomas Howell, Wil Wheaton, Menudo and Emilio Estevez. Okay, so some of those people aren't actually in the picture . . . but the cast is so bustling, you'd never know if they were or not. (Lido Theater, 8:30 p.m.)


The Princess and the Pea

United States/Hungary/Spain, 2002

World Premiere

Animation, Children

Animators from around the globe collaborated on this adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen tale about a fussy girl who learns the error of her ways. (Adventures at Sea Theaters, 9 a.m.)

Touching Wild Horses

Canada/Germany/United Kingdom/France, 2002


Former Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman star Jane Seymour resurfaces as the headliner of this low-key drama. After his parents are killed in a car accident, an 11-year-old boy is sent to stay with his reclusive aunt on an island teeming with wild horses, where he finds the structure his life has been lacking while also learning the importance of associations between humans and animals. (Adventures at Sea Theaters, 9:30 a.m.)

I Love Johann

Sweden, 2002

U.S. Premiere


An oddball, 45-minute featurette, ostensibly shot without a director, that tells the story of a teen named Johan and his summertime encounters with Tove, Eva, Jakob and Carolina. If Hollywood wasn't freaked-out enough about the idea that CGI could be replacing real actors soon (ŗ la Final Fantasy), now there are movies without directors! If this actorless, directorless trend does away with Vin Diesel and Joel Schumacher, well, sign me up! (Edwards Island Cinemas, 11 a.m.)

Rosarigasinos(Gangs From Rosario)

Argentina, 2001


A heist drama about two aged hoods who are released from prison after a 30-year stay and try to reassemble their gang only to find that while they were counting the days behind bars, time has sped by in the world outside. (Edwards Island Cinemas, 11 a.m.)

Children's Shorts

No, it's not a sale at Sears; it's a program of short films for the shorties, including Silvia Uchida's Bluegaroo, about a 4-year-old girl who meets an imaginary six-foot tall, blue, flying kangaroo. Just typing that sentence made me feel like I was on acid. (Adventures at Sea Theaters, 11 a.m.)

USC Shorts

A collection of shorts from USC's film program, including Chad S. Park's Up, a look at a prisoner's dreams of escape from his cell. (Lido Theater, 11 a.m.)

Women Without Wings

Canada, 2002


Judging by the synopsis, this one has to be plenty unique: Marjie lives with her dying mother in Canada and frets over choosing between two lovers. She journeys to a family funeral in Albania and finds herself in a world of furious blood feuds and ancient customs. She finds her new life enchanting and decides to become a "vowed virgin," a woman who lives life as a man. Apparently, the most average thing about this girl is that she doesn't have wings. (Edwards Island Cinemas, noon)

The Sweatbox

United Kingdom, 2002


A Lost in La Mancha-style documentary look behind-the-scenes of the debacle that was The Emperor's New Groove. The project began in 1997, when former Police-man Sting was commissioned by the Walt Disney Co. to write the music for a new animation epic to be titled Kingdom of the Sun. What began as a relatively serious picture morphed into goofy comedy featuring David Spade as the voice of a bratty emperor transformed by Eartha Kitt's magic into a bratty llama. Along the way, egos were bruised, suits were filed, heads rolled. And then the film came out and bombed so big Disney is still hurting for a hit. Along the way, cameras were recording every step of the project's implosion, resulting in a documentary we won't be seeing on the Disney Channel any time soon. (Orange County Museum of Art, 12:30 p.m.)

Lavirint (Labyrinth)

Yugoslavia, 2002


A compulsive gambler called Pop returns to Belgrade after 20 years and attends a sťance where he receives a message that Zoran, a childhood friend thought to have committed suicide long ago, did not in fact kill himself--he was murdered. (Lido Theater, 1:30 p.m.)

Saint Monica

Canada, 2002

West Coast Premiere


There are those who will celebrate this film for its unsensationalized portrayal of a poor Latin family, and that's all well and good, but it's more universally valuable as an unsentimentalized look at childhood and its discontents. (Edwards Island Cinemas, 2 p.m.)

B-17 Flying Legend
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