Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, March 21: As the network Children of the Corn break out their best army gear and start using their euphemisms decapatation (death), target of opportunity (death), shock and awe (death) like high school wannabes who'd just learned what cool words the popular crowd is using, I call Jan Urban looking for a bit of solace. How does she maintain her drive in the face of great odds? Doesn't she ever get discouraged? "I do it," she says, "because I need to do it. For my own integrity. I think you're affirming human dignity by standing up for others. . . . It pulls you away from your own self-centeredness, brings you into a wider worldview. You know, during Vietnam, I was on the fence, and I just couldn't be on the fence anymore, whether it was executions or this war. You know, I often struggle with why I was drawn to this. I work in a very conservative office; no one in my family has ever spent time in jail. Yet, I'm out there, and when I'm out there, I know that's where I should be; I kind of think to myself, 'It's good I'm here.'" Yes, it is. Pepsiii, Jan. Pepsiii.

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