Diary of a Mad County

FRIDAY, March 7: Wake up, open the paper, and what do I see but the butchers over at the Board of Supers have all written and signed a love note to President W that says "KILL! KILL! KILL!" or words to that effect. That's nice, boys; now get back to cutting funds for poor kids. . . . By the way, the super who led the charge to write the letter? Ladies and gentlemen, Bill Campbell! . . . All this war talk reminds me of a conversation I had last week with Josh Boyle, one of the folks demonstrating for peace every Friday at Bristol and Anton in Costa Mesa. Josh told me that though the Bush administration keeps telling people the coming Iraq war is not about oil, "guys keep driving by shouting, 'Cheap gas!' They're not even fooling the people who support them." You know, I'd really like to talk to those guys. I just paid $2.09 per gallon at Arco.

SATURDAY-SUNDAY, March 8-9: An LA Times poll shows that only 27 percent of Californians approve of the job Gray Davis is doing. Translated, that means three out of four people in this decidedly Democratic state believe Davis to be not only incompetent and lacking in leadership but also bereft of principles: a fraud, a coward, a worm. Generally.

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