Danas Follies

If anyone has less respect for Orange County residents than our DA, it's the crew over at the Times. Nowhere does Hanley raise two key pieces of contradictory information:

•In January, the born-again DA fired Lyle Wilson for investigating one of Rackauckas' mob-suspect pals.

•The DA has still failed to discipline Don Blankenship—his hard-drinking organized-crime division chief. Last December, the California attorney general's office revealed that Blankenship lied for his boss when asked directly whether Rackauckas had presented a mob suspect with the gift that keeps on giving: a Glock handgun.

On Feb. 15, Fox network boss Rupert Murdoch announced his support of President George W. Bush's Iraq war effort. That same day, angling for a raise, Fox News weekend anchor Mike Jerrick said he was "hesitant" to show footage of worldwide anti-war protests because he did not want to give viewers the "wrong impression" that a majority of people want peace.
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