We Could Be Heroes

Just for one day

How sloppy? Cindy reports that her husband, Jeff, lost his liquor all over their front porch.

"I left him out there with the stray cat," she said. "I told him if I'm having fun, not to make me leave just because he's too drunk. He could've gone and had some quality time puking in the alley. I would have found him eventually! If you want to drink with the big boys . . ."

It's a wonderful wife!

* * *

Wonderful? No, it's Wonderlove! I know: I'm tired of the constant hype, too. But you know damn well we'll take any excuse to hit LA's Knitting Factory, since John Pantle's the booker there, and John Pantle owes us big-time. That means drinks and fun for all our friends! And Wonderlove are kinda rocking, you know.

Monday night's video party and record release was a smash (though we had quite a haul home and, so, couldn't get smashed). It was as if Hollywood had become Long Beach North for a few glorious hours. Darren the Cop and former pro-basketball player (in Europe) Chris Towerwere on hand, as were groovy SnoopTown enchantresses like Oand Marianne, former Long Beach artistahippy Jaymee Christopherson, jewel in the underbelly Linda Jemison and Fullerton's own La Femme Cassandra, who costarred in one of the videos with teeny skaterat (and OC's Scariest Person No. 29) Quinn Wildesand Dickie the drummer's butt. Plus, it made our boyfriend—pathetic Wonderlove fanboy No. 1—as happy as the King of Pop in a pile o' kids. What we'll do for love.
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