Give Him an Inch . . .

John Cameron Mitchells meta-porn booty call

Even Mitchell is a bit alarmed at his own daring. "When I wrote that article for Sundance, I said to myself, 'I'm too scared to make this film.' Well, that was three years ago, and nothing's changed. I'm still scared," he says. "I come from a strict Catholic upbringing, and maybe I have a little of that Paul Schrader thing of going to places I'm forbidden to go. I have sexual hang-ups, just like everybody, and this is a way of working them out. I want the film to be useful for other people, but it's going to be very powerful for me." For Mitchell, good sex provides a continuous learning curve, and this project, as wild and risky as it is, feels like a logical step forward. When I suggest that Hedwig would approve, Mitchell smiles through the phone. "You think? Maybe she'll give me money."

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