The Hot 14!

Theyre hot! Theyre 14! (Not 14 years old. That would be wrong.)

14. Carolina Sarmiento. The lovely señoritarecently turned 23 and hosted a birthday party attended by judges (her father Sal), professors (her mother Socorro) and the clergy (family friend Bishop Jaime Soto). Such a powerful support network allowed Sarmiento to undertake her dream: the Centro Cultural de México, a downtown Santa Ana space that takes Koo's Art Café's concept of a community forum but actually attracts the community surrounding it. Her Centro is the type of place that might hold a talk on the genocide of the Americas one afternoon; feature an all-Chicano punk, all-Santa Ana slate the following night; and teach English-literacy classes to adults each weekend. But what makes Sarmiento so attractive is a personality so friendly, political and driven that adults can once again believe in the revolutionary promise of youth.

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