Driving Ms. Dazed

Kori Flechtner picks up drunks

At least Flechtner only had to contend with exuberant girls during her sole Jan. 3 call.

"It must suck to be sober with all these drunks," the girl who called asked Flechtner as they got in the car.

"Actually, it's pretty entertaining," Flechtner said.

"Entertaining?" the girl asked. "We'll entertain you!" After dabbing Flechtner's face with glitter makeup, the girl cranked the volume on her car radio.

The girls had Flechtner park the car below an enormous Christian cross in a church parking lot off Delaware near some apartments. A few moments later, a guy pulled up to meet them.

"I think they had me drop them off at some guy's place," Flechtner said as she climbed back into her own car. "The girl told me that her mom gave her $40 for a taxi. So she gave me a $4 tip. That's a pretty good deal. But she was totally slurring her words the whole time. She was really drunk. I'm so glad we gave those girls a ride."

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