Bush's New Year Devolution

•Feb. 12, 1942: Columnist Walter Lippmann says the West Coast "is in imminent danger of a combined attack from within and without. . . . It may at any moment be a battlefield. Nobody's constitutional rights include the right to reside and do business on a battlefield."

•Feb. 13, 1942: The entire California congressional delegation recommends "the immediate evacuation of all persons of Japanese lineage."

•Feb. 15, 1942: The first exodus of enemy aliens from restricted military zones throughout northern California begins. They're under orders to "move out and stay out."

•Feb. 19, 1942: President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs Executive Order No. 9066, allowing military commanders to remove persons of Japanese ancestry from the Pacific Coast.

•March 2, 1942: People of Japanese ancestry living in San Francisco are ordered to voluntarily evacuate to inland locations, following the president's orders. News reports say a "Negro-Japanese Fifth Column" is possible.

•March 26, 1942: The FBI reports that 772 enemy aliens have been arrested in the San Francisco district since the start of the war.

•April 21, 1942: FBI and police launch alien raids throughout the Bay Area.

•May 20, 1942: The last Japanese residents are taken from San Francisco. Six Greyhound buses carry 274 people to the Tanforan assembly center.

Additional reporting by Josh Saltzman and Rebecca Winsor.
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