Diane Vo, the subject of Gustavo Arellano's "Onward, Cyber Soldier" (Jan. 10), wrote to make clear to us that she is not an attorney as was reported in the story. Vo graduated with a degree in law from Western State University in 1993, but she is not an attorney. "I am not licensed to practice law," she wrote us. "I am not holding myself out as a lawyer," she emphasized. "I am working in the legal profession for years—I do the work for a law firm in OC. I am the owner of the website www.PhapLuat.com, the First Legal Portal for Vietnamese-Americans on the Net, offering legal information but not legal advice." So, long story short: Diane Vo, terrific person, well-versed in the law, NOT AN ATTORNEY. Gustavo Arellano, duplicitous, incompetent, though delicious when served with smoked vegetables.

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