Skot Armstrong

A long and harrowing account of how and where the artist grew up

Practical concerns required a commercial entity to facilitate the realization of works of art. To this end, I formed a company called Museum of Fun. This entity is modeled to some extent on a Hollywood business plan. It has direct parallels to what a production company does on a film. It also borrows a model from Hollywood of how to assign credit for projects.

As corporations have become increasingly a part of the global landscape, it occurred to me that it might be fun to create an art entity whose logo was as familiar as the Golden Arches worldwide but confounded every notion of what the goal of a corporation should be.

And applying my life-is-art spin to the equation, it is essential to this whole enterprise that it be documented as a sort of performance piece. This will include a whole exploration of the recent phenomena of a corporate "culture," where language and ritual are used to create a sense of a tribe or family.

And since it is a corporation, I would like to create a model that people of conscience could point to as a good example of corporate behavior. I would like to create jobs, scholarships, think tanks, development labs, libraries, museums and venues. And provide resources for worthy causes.

It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

10. There is a plant species named after an art movement I started in the 1970s.
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