I just finished reading Chris Ziegler's article on the Sharp Ease ("Rock & Roll Detox," Dec. 13). I was particularly intrigued by the part where the band claims they intimidated a man to tears in Santa Cruz. Currently living in Santa Cruz, I'm a member of the band that was supposed to play after the Sharp Ease set. But the cops showed up and shut everything down. We were all a little disappointed (and drunk), and our front man, Jeff, made an admittedly insensitive comment about "that lame-ass band" that just played. One of the Sharp Ease threatened to kick his ass and called him a fag. He called her homophobic. Then they went off to discuss their problems. They came back an hour later, and everything had cooled off; we staggered home and forgot about the night's ugliness.

Perhaps you can understand my shock upon reading that Jeff was "intimidated to tears" by the Sharp Ease. I don't believe there were any tears or intimidation happening that evening. I certainly cried myself to sleep that night at the thought of all the washboard solos I had been unable to share with the city of Santa Cruz, but certainly the Sharp Ease would have had no knowledge of that.


We incorrectly identified the author of our Dec. 20 film review of The Hours. It was actually Ella Taylor who said the film "sags badly in the middle," called Meryl Streep "distracted, lackluster," and said the novelist who wrote the book on which the film is based "can be maddeningly precious."

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