It is hard to tell if Rich Kane's review of the new OUT Theatre's production of Truth, Tony & Zenith is positive or negative ("Refreshingly Dickless," Nov. 15). Caitlin Crest began the OUT Theatre this past summer with a vision that the Long Beach community craves and deserves a resident gay theater. The approach was to put up a theatrical performance quickly and let all the other stuff work itself out, like finding the money, space, designers, scripts, actors, crew, legalities, marketing strategies, audiences, etc. The call to form the OUT Theatre went out to the gay and lesbian community. Men did show up in the beginning, but most dropped out.

Okay, the current production may have a touch of amateurism. If Caitlin had waited to find the money to build sets and hire professionals and had also waited to get a license to use microphones, everything could have been better. But there would still be no OUT Theatre. Everyone is a volunteer. And our audiences seem to really enjoy what we are doing. Kane may call us "flaccid," but the audience's laughter and tears every night are authentic.

Dr. Thea Iberall
board member, OUT Theatre
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