Grindin' Honeys

And where the hell are my conch shells?

But this time? This time? Well, aside from the fact there were more than a dozen LBC hippie-dancy chicks getting belly-dance sexy at the front of the stage (and not a Sigma Nu in sight!), and aside from the fact that the music was hard and rockin' at the same time without being Korn in the slightest, well, there was the most wonderful interlude I may have ever seen. In the middle of "Beautiful," singer Chris Paul Overall freestyled his way through a chanty poesy about how he's so sensitive, he's so much like a girl inside, why, he'd even let you get behind him and give it to him in the butt. That's how sensitive he is, baby, baby, for you. Yeah. Then he scat-sang. Wonderlove now officially exceeds even its hype.

Hey, you know how last week I said I'd have more holiday gift-guide tips for you this week? Well, I totally lied! Next week, definitely, probably. There's lots more good stuff for ya, like the Euroblaster and the No Stitch 2000 and maybe some Epil Stop, depending on whether I can stop being scared of it long enough to try it out for you. Be ready!

Do you exceed your hype?

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