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Larry Agran, the scariest person in Orange County ("Son of Scary," Nov. 1)? The scariest thing about the article is that you actually expect us to take you seriously.

Mike Kaspar
Corona del Mar

Kudos to Jim Washburn for so succinctly describing the bulk of "Republicans" as the proto-fascists they are ("Wanna See Something Really Scary?" Nov. 1). For another take on this sick, imperial, weltanschauung, you might visit my site at

Kent Welton
Dana Point

Who's the Christian hypocrite who posted the Lord's Prayer in the letters response section (Letters, Nov. 1)?

Dennis Huffman
via e-mail Senior Editor Dave Wielenga responds: Excuse me, Ned Flanders, but that was the 23rd Psalm.

Regarding your Rolling Stones story (Buddy Seigal's "Not Fade Away," Nov. 1): If you took the best songs off the recent Stones albums and told the naysaying, the-Stones-haven't-done-anything-good-since-1972 crowd that they were lost recordings from 1972, they'd say, "Yeah, see, these songs sound great; that's when the Stones were still good."

Craig Furnas
Newport Beach

In some ways, I am just like Kent (Dave Wielenga's "A Is for A-Hole," Oct. 25). I am a blue-collar worker who works his ass off for 10 hours, then comes home and takes care of a 4-year-old. But it seems Kent is the real A-Hole here. What kind of Angel fan would want his team to lose the World Series so he doesn't have to look at Rally Monkeys and Thunder Sticks? I've been a fan of the Angels (and only the Angels) since I was 12. I'm proud to put my World Champions banner in my car window and Thunder Sticks on my dashboard. I'm sure there were thousands of fans who jumped on the bandwagon for the playoffs, but I don't think it was coincidence that the Angels went 8-1 at home and 3-4 on the road during the playoffs. The players said the energy of the fans drove them. If this is the case, I say, "Come aboard." I know I'll be there, win or lose.

Greg Kibby
Newport Beach

Joel Beers is right-on about South Coast Repertory and George Argyros ("SCR's Deal with the Devil," Nov. 1). SCR is like a whore in the sack with a sugar daddy. Beers' problem is he thinks there's something wrong here. Sure, Agyros is a warm turd. So what? What obscenely rich Republican isn't? Joel must have been on some 10K AIDS walkathon back when Ronald Reagan explained how trickle-down economics, like piss from a tall cow, splatters everybody. When the rich get richer, everybody wins. Hell, the Medicis were bloated pigs with all four trotters in the trough. Still, they found time to stuff a few Franklins in Michelangelo's shirt pocket. Remember the movie All the King's Men? Remember what Willy Stark said about good? He said it comes from bad. Makes sense to me. So let George be George. Let him keep on raping his tenants. And let SCR keep on boffing him till he's raw. Who knows? Some of that whore money may trickle down to the Rude Guerrilla, to the Hunger Artists . . . even to Stages. Hey, it ain't over till the fat lady pees.

Janey Ruth Rimmer
Mission Viejo

I pray with all my heart that the next time an "undocumented immigrant" rapes, robs or murders someone here in Orange County, it is to you, Matt Coker, or someone you love (Letters, Nov. 1). If that doesn't faze you, I hope the next two victims of undocumented-immigrant crime are you or your loved ones, on and on until all you and your loved ones have been raped, robbed or murdered, or until you decide, "Hey, maybe illegal aliens do cause a lot of problems here." I pity your idiocy.

Stew Scott
Huntington Beach Matt Coker responds: Thanks, Stew. I'd been struggling to come up with the perfect inscription for my Christmas cards this year.

Hey, I can't even believe that i'm about to "complain" about this, but i just HAVE to. I GOT KICKED OUT OF THE KOTTONMOUTH KINGS AT THE GALAXY THEATER (and it just so happened to be my b-day present to myself!). Guess what i got kicked out for? SMOKING POT!!! Do you believe that shit?! As a matter of fact, it was right after they made the announcement that "always share with your neighbors if you're gonna smoke one." So . . . i took that as "go ahead and light it up" so i did and i got the BOOT! I was soooooooo "f-ing" bumbed out—you have NO idea! I LOVE THE KINGS! Anyhow, i wasn't sure who to send this to—I wanted to write to OC Weekly but anyhow . . . I personally think that i should get FREE BACK STAGE TICKETS (passes—whatever) to every Orange County show that they play for at least the next year—what do you think? It was my b-day!!!! I just about DIED!!! Can you "hook me up with the right person" to tell my little story to? I appreciate it—sorry i'm being such a whyner. Thanks! Peace/Out.

Brooklyn R. Rentz
via e-mail