Son of Scary

Evil spawn of OCs Scariest People

Sure, everybody is always hearing about Linda, "Queen of the OC music scene"; Linda "the jewel in its underbelly"; ad infinitum. For the past 12 years, nobody has been able to turn around without hearing about Linda Jemison, former proprietress of the dank, exciting Linda's Doll Hut and now manager of Wonderlove. But the lovely, slim blonde next to her at such events as the OC Music Awards is her mother, Pearl Jemison-Smith. Kindly and cultured, Jemison-Smith is the force behind the Orange County AIDS Walk as well as a founding member of the OC AIDS Services Foundation. She was an epidemiology nurse focusing on the hepatitis scourge when AIDS hit, and she has been doing her part—and yours and yours and mine—ever since. And she will hit you up—and hit you up again. What are you going to do? Say no? Mitigating Factor: It's only six miles, you fat, lazy slob. Your grandmother can walk six miles.


The 17-year-old son of Orange County Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl is one of three boys who each faces 21 felony counts of rape and related sex crimes against an unconscious 16-year-old girl in July. Evidence in the case includes a video tape of the crime in fashionable Corona del Mar. Demonstrating his respect for the judicial process, young Haidl made obscene gestures to onlookers when he was brought to court for a preliminary hearing. Mitigating Factor:His lawyer claims he "does his chores and is nice to his mother."


Son of Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, the 31-year-old first came to our attention two years ago, when he got busted at 2 a.m., lying naked in his truck just outside Irvine Park. Also in the truck with him were two grams of coke, a glass pipe, a box of baking powder and Brillo pads. "Getting high smoking cocaine" was how Kid Rackauckas described his presence to curious Orange Police officers. Of course, Anthony C. was already well-known to Southern California law enforcement by that time, having racked up $26,000 worth of parking tickets in Long Beach as well as an LA drug arrest. And for anyone keeping score, a check of Riverside court records indicates Junior still gets into hot water from time to time, with four driving violations and a failure to appear in court since his Irvine Park arrest. Mitigating Factor: If DA Rackauckas was our old man, we'd be fucked-up, too.

Photo by Jack Gould

Son of attention-hungry conservative Southern Baptist minister Wiley Drake Sr. (whose controversial stances include anti-gay rhetoric and unrelenting activism for the homeless) isn't just a junior—he's an enigma. Young Wiley oversees the youth ministry at First Southern Baptist in Buena Park, where kids in baggy jeans and spiked hair are jumping around like maniacs to loud music one moment, quietly worshiping God the next, and working their way through sexual-orientation issues the moment after that. Junior says he holds pretty much the same conservative beliefs as Senior but is decidedly different in his approach, his priorities and his calling. Where the father seems at ease using provocative public pronouncements, the son prefers saving one soul at a time. Quietly. Mitigating Factor: Hasn't named his son "Wiley." Yet.


Son of billionaire land baron Donald Bren. The Irvine Co. chairman left his first wife and Steven's mom, Diane, shortly after the boy's 1960 birth. During divorce proceedings, the not-yet billionaire father pleaded poverty—and that's pretty much how Diane, Steven and his brother were forced to live in tony Newport Beach. "We were brought up without anything—anything," Steven Bren once told an interviewer. That changed when he joined daddy's company, but the motocross rider-turned-Grand Prix racing champ wanted to stick close to cars, so he left his Irvine Co. vice president office in 1987 and bought into a Newport Beach luxury auto dealership. His personal life also kicked into gear when he met model Thais Baker and wed her in a lavish 1988 ceremony. But it was about then his Newport Auto Center started running into legal trouble, getting tagged for violating environmental laws, being swept up in a shady deal involving Lamborghinis and former Chrysler Corp. chairman Lee Iacocca, and getting caught with eight street-illegal Porsche Speedsters on its back lot. Gossip around town shortly thereafter was Papa Bren was royally pissed. The lot was sold to a company owned by billionaire Wayne Huizenga in 1994. Thais Bren left Steven and married pro golfer Freddie Couples in 1998. Mitigating Factor:He has a ripping trust fund.

Photo by Jeanne Rice

Here she comes! This former union president is poised to follow in the footsteps of her sister, Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove). As the Democratic nominee for the brand-new 39th Congressional District, she's virtually unbeatable. If elected, Linda and Loretta will be the first sibling act to make it to Capitol Hill since Ted and Bobby Kennedy. What's scary about this—to right-wing Republicans, that is—is that Linda is even more progressive than her powerful sister. Mitigating Factor: Five other Sanchez siblings warming up in the bullpen.

Photo by Keith May
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