Son of Scary

Evil spawn of OCs Scariest People

Daughter of Orange County favorite son and disgraced U.S. President Richard Nixon. She's also known as "The Hot One." She worshiped her mother and inherited her quiet elegance. When kids Tricia's age portrayed her father as a Vietnam warmonger, she recast him as the father of the bride. But like her mother, she mostly retreated from the public eye, earning the nickname "Mystery Princess" from the White House press corps. She spoke with her sister Julie nearly every day as they shepherded their parents through old age, but they had a falling out over control of the Nixon Library once the elders passed. They fought over compensation for the presidential papers Congress impounded in 1974. They fought over whether the library should be run, as Tricia wanted, by family members or, as Julie wanted, by an independent board. But mostly they fought over library director John Taylor. Though both at one point wanted Taylor's head, he somehow managed to turn everything around, drive a wedge between the sisters and win Julie's allegiance. Mitigating Factor: She's not her sister.


The son of Santa Ana Heights travel-trailer trailblazer turned public-TV cook John Crean almost became a South County congressman in the 1980s. Johnnie resorted to Nixonian dirty tricks to tarnish his challengers and spent roughly $838,000—at that time, more than any candidate in the nation—before winning the 1982 GOP primary for the congressional seat straddling southern Orange and northern San Diego counties. But he proved to be such a racist, mud-slinging, spoiled-rotten rich kid on the campaign trail that his own party disowned him and recruited then-unknown dentist Ron Packard to run as a write-in candidate. Packard went on to win the general election—only the third time in history that has happened in Congress. Johnnie Crean went on to serve the country as CEO of the Carlsbad all-male military academy he graduated from. The female admissions director there sued him in 2001 for alleged sexual discrimination and harassment. In her suit, Margarite M. Daniel alleged that over a seven-year period, Crean stared at her breasts, asked non-job-related questions about her marital and child-bearing status, suggested she had slept with the academy president to keep her job, suggested she sleep with an academy board member to keep her job, and humiliated her by standing behind her and blurting out publicly that her ass could boost enrollment. Earlier this year, Crean was arrested for bringing a loaded, 9 mm Glock semiautomatic pistol into the Santa Ana courthouse. Mitigating Factor: He's not the Beltway sniper.


Rebecca George, actually. The actress (hooker with a heart of gold in Risky Business, sweet best friend in The Trip to Bountiful, knife-wielding psycho in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) changed her last name so no one could connect her with her pop: perennially cranky, God-, flag- and GOP-lovin' TV host Wally George—hey, you'd change your name, too. Alas, DeMornay's plan failed as the profiles of her and her father started rising simultaneously 'round about 1983. People ran a feature on the pair, one of many pieces pointing out the irony of a family-values mouthpiece being the semen source of an actress who portrayed a prostitute boinking Tom Cruise on a subway train. She hasn't been heard from much lately, her career having stagnated in a morass of cheesy woman-in-peril flicks (Guilty As Sin or Never Talk to Strangers, anyone?). Mitigating Factor: Likely the only living being on Earth who has been kissed by Wally George and Tom Cruise.


Lantern-jawed son of Crystal Cathedral founder Robert Schuller and the heir apparent to take over the sacred robe once daddy joins the big tent revival in the sky. When the elder went a little nutso on an airliner a few years ago, junior got his mug in front of cameras to lionize daddy and demonize the gay flight attendant. It was then the younger Schuller's scariness became evident to TV viewers who hadn't caught his act on the Hour of Power every Sunday. It wasn't so much the message that was frightening as the tall drink of water of a messenger, who eerily looks, sounds and exudes the same faux positivity as the old man. Mitigating Factor: He hasn't demanded all the grapes in first class yet.


Bob Dornan may not have had all his offspring with long suffering wife Sally. Brian Bennett, the homosexual former Dornan chief of staff, travel companion and ardent Dornan defender affectionately calls the (at least publicly) homophobic ex-OC congressman "Poppy." Bennett is out of the closet now. When he's not devising misleading media propaganda for Southern California Edison, he's shilling for anti-gay Republicans. Last we heard, Bennett wrote a pre-election column claiming that Huntington Beach Republican Dana Rohrabacher is gay-friendly. Sure, Brian, and Paul Lynde loved chicks. Mitigating Factor: Looks awful in stripes.

Hanks, Fisk and Kasdan

These four are responsible for Orange County, the cinematic nepotism gang-bang starring Sissy Spacek's daughter (Fisk) and Tom Hanks' son, directed by Lawrence Kasdan's boy, and written by the offspring of OC activist Mel White. The movie got a lot of people excited about what it would have to say about life here and the people who live it. In the end, it said absolutely nothing about Orange County or anything else. Mitigating factor: They seldom come to Orange County.

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