Son of Scary

Evil spawn of OCs Scariest People

The daughter of James Irvine III—whose father turned a sleepy ranch into Orange County's largest land company, the Irvine Co.—has been labeled spoiled, dictatorial, philanthropic, argumentative and perhaps crazy. She has been married a zillion times (for her mothering abilities, see the Morton Irvine Smith entry). Don't like the way the city of Irvine came out? Blame Joan: she's the one that demanded a master plan for the ranch, which wound up being the Łber-master plan of all master plans. Since the Irvine family lost the company's reins to outsiders, Joan as a shareholder locked horns with every subsequent dark overlord, including Donald Bren. She eventually cashed out her stake for hundreds of millions of dollars and is known as something of an eccentric who used to nuzzle up to a shotgun in slumber. She's big on the equestrian scene, once having alleged a bizarre plot had taken place to inject an unknown parasite into one of her prized horses. Art critics routinely tee off on the pedestrian landscapes—some dare compare them to what's hanging in dental offices—she proudly displays in her Irvine Museum, which is located on the upper floor of an office building—quite appropriate given the city she spawned. Mitigating Factor: She claims her love of land, water, horses, landscapes and ranching all tie in with a desire to preserve the environment, a crusade for which she has frequently put her mouth where her money is.


Wife of former Angels, current Cardinals pitcher and Newport Beach resident Chuck Finley. Writhing on car hoods during Whitesnake videos back in the 1980s should have guaranteed her lifetime scary status, but Kitaen outdid herself this year when she was arrested on April Fool's Day for allegedly beating on Finley while driving in their SUV. She pleaded not guilty. Finley filed for divorce three days later, alleging Kitaen is a suicidal drug abuser. Despite happy photos of the couple (the one above appeared in a cosmetic dentistry ad), the Finleys led a War of the Roses private life. According to Finley's divorce filings, during a two-year period ending in February of this year, Kitaen received 131 separate prescriptions from 20 doctors for 71 drugs, including Demerol, Halcion, Valium and Xanax. Then last month, Kitaen settled the spousal-abuse case, agreeing to a year of counseling in exchange for dropping the two misdemeanor counts. She still has access to her two daughters, but she can't go near Finley for three years. Mitigating Factor: Topless through much of the otherwise unwatchable 1985 "movie" The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik Yak.


The son of William James Edwards Jr., who started Newport Beach-based Edwards Theatre Circuits Inc. in 1930 with a $400 loan from his father. "Junior," as III is known, inherited the reigns to OC's best-known family business upon his dad's death at age 90 in 1997. Five years later, the company is on the brink of being swept into the dustbin of local history. The elder Edwards dreamed up the bold plan to double the number of Edwards screens nationwide, but shortly before he died he held secret talks to have AMC Entertainment take over at least part of his company. The flashier Junior, a fixture on the OC social scene, nixed those talks when he assumed power and pushed ahead with the $200 million expansion alone. It proved to be a fatal miscalculation. The company was plunged deep into debt and declared bankruptcy in 2000. Denver billionaire Philip F. Anschutz picked Edwards up in a fire sale. All Edwards corporate employees were laid off, and though the local cinemas currently bear the family name, insiders say it's a matter of time before they all become Anschutz's Regal Cinemas. Fade to black. Mitigating Factor: When the smoke cleared, Junior was still a rich sumbitch.


Daughter of Orange County favorite son and disgraced U.S. President Richard Nixon. She's also known as "Not the Hot One." She worshiped her dad and inherited his paranoia. Though Watergate forever shamed Dick, Jules has always defiantly—and publicly—defended him. A nasty feud with her sister Tricia began the day of their father's 1994 funeral. On the El Toro-bound plane that once served as Nixon's Air Force One, Tricia's husband, Edward Cox, announced a plan to take control of the Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda away from hired hands and put the family in charge. Years of mudslinging followed. It got so bad that the library showcased Julie over Tricia, who was no longer invited to events there. This past August, they resolved a three-year spat over who would control a $20 million bequest from "Bebe" Rebozo to the Nixon Library. Tricia wanted the family in charge; Julie sided with the library foundation's board. They settled on having the sisters and another family friend decide how the library will spend the money. The two sisters hadn't been speaking for years when they emerged from their settlement conference. With photographers focusing their cameras, Julie put an arm around Tricia, smiled and struck a pose. Somewhere in Hell, Dick was smiling. Mitigating Factor:She's not her dad.

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