Heavenly Creatures

Gene Autry, meet Paul Wellstone

You just know all those guys had mad, amazing sex with their wives Sunday night, except Eckstein, who was probably playing with a puppy. If you had mad, amazing sex with an Angel Sunday night, or if you are David Eckstein, please call (714) 825-8406. We want to hear all about it. Really.

We did other stuff this week, too, and it was also great! Most important, we hit Integrity House's Halloween Party, where Jim Washburn's Hippie Candles (comprising Joe Ongie, Cold Hard Fact Danny Ott and another guy on drums—sorry!) played rock & roll covers to an audience that had incurred traumatic brain injuries. Integrity House is always a good time, and even though attendance was light due to a freakish Southland phenom wherein water falls from the sky, people of all ages and a wide range of abilities danced more or less rhythmically to tunes such as the Rolling Stones' "Mother's Little Helper" and Kiss's "Rock and Roll All Night" and a short medley that included all the requests, like crowd fave "YMCA." Integrity House and its clients totally, totally rule, and I have never had more fun dance partners ever. Oh. Except for Chuckie the Federal Bounty Hunter. He's really good at swinging. Wait! Wait! I can feel a Barry Bonds joke coming! No. Struck out.

Breaking news! Congratulations to our homegirl Arrissia, who pushed 6 pound, 8 ounce Chloe Emma out of herself Monday, following a 10-hour labor during which she refused to go to the hospital because the game was still on. Nic, Arrissia and Chloe are doing fine.


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