Diary of a Mad County

SUNDAY, Oct. 27 Democrat Bill Orton, who wants the Assembly seat held by Tom Harman (R-Huntington Beach), canvasses the Seal Beach Trailer Park with an Elvis impersonator. It's not a long walk for Orton as he resides here.

Do you believe in Barry-Boned, Travolta-and-his-exposed-love-handles-bouncing-frighteningly-close-to Michael Eisner'd, Bud Selig-and-Jackie Autry-still-calling-'em-California Angels'd miracles? The Anaheim Angels win the World Series, their first in the franchise's 41-year history. Like a lot of you, this sports watch hopped aboard the bandwagon late this season. Unlike a lot of you, we also battered this team in print. In the spirit of fair play, we have clipped every smart-ass item we've written about the Halos this season—like this Jan. 2 item on their new red uniforms: "Several theories abound as to why the Angels have chosen to paint the suburbs red. It could just be the color that naturally came to mind when they thought about franchise profit-and-loss statements. Or they could have noticed the shade of fans' faces after yet another blown lead. Or maybe they're taking a cue from the 'Big Red Machine' Cincinnati Reds of the 1970s—only in the Angels' case, it'll be the 'Little Red Wind-Up Rally Monkey.'" Then there was this (March 31): "Stop the bleeding already: our all-new, all-red Anaheim Angels drop their season opener to the Cleveland Indians." And this (April 1): "What's really sad is [Tawny] Kitaen hit [Chuck] Finley more often than the Angels, who have gotten just five hits off their former ace since trading him before the 2001 season." And this (May 7): "About 15 baseball fans are injured during a mad rush out the Edison Field exits. . . . That'll never happen going into an Angels game.'" We chopped those clippings into bite-size pieces and, as you read this, are whoofing them with relish—and mustard and catsup! Despite potential ink poisoning, we're psyched over our new heroes—until they suck again, of course.

Daniel C. Tsang contributed to this week's report.
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