. . . GUY ACCUSING THE WEEKLY OF THEFT: Sir, you are absolutely correct when you assert that our "Likee No Likee" feature (see page 114) is a complete rip-off of Vice. In fact, your astute observation has prompted us to search our souls and come clean with this laundry list of other things we have lifted over the years: OC (taken from the county of Orange, also known as Orange County and nicknamed OC); Weekly (our sister publication LA Weekly); the "Best of OC" (also LA Weekly and not The Orange County Register, as that paper's dark overlords would have you believe; LA Weekly's "Best of LA" pre-dates the Register's "Best of Orange County" advertising supplement); Jim Washburn's Lost in OC column (Jim Washburn's Lost in OC column from his days toiling for the Times Orange County edition); The County section (Will Swaim and Nathan Callahan's old political newsletter of the same name); Hey, You! (I, Anonymous in The Stranger); Shelter (The Village Voice); Commie Girl (Commie Mom); Rockie Horoscope (Nostradamus); Savage Love (Ann Landers . . . or was it Dear Abby?); stories (um, Ben Franklin?); photographs with stories (an old-time newspaper that wasn't The Wall Street Journal); the staff box (whatever the first publication was to feature staff boxes; ditto for the table of contents, letters to the editor, cartoons and ads); paper (national forests); ink (squid milking?); the printing process (that Guttenberg fellow. Steve?)

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