Barrels of Fun!

Register engages in reckless gunplay

•Aug. 19: "Man, 20, gunned down at peace party" (Syracuse, New York).

•Aug. 18: "Babysitter tells police she shot child's father" (Little Rock, Arkansas).

•Aug. 17: "Teenager, 14, shoots girlfriend, 16, in thigh" (North Branch, New York); "Man [accidentally] shot in head; his [19-year-old] best friend is being held" (Corpus Christi, Texas).

•Aug. 16: "Barbara Lennie, whose 7-year-old son accidentally shot her 3-year-old son in head, has pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor child abuse charges" (Golden, Colorado).

•Aug. 15: "Shotgun accidentally kills teenager; two boys were playing with guns, deputies say" (Akron, Ohio).

•Aug. 14: "10-year-old pulls gun on 13-year-old" (Fort Wayne, Indiana).

•Aug. 13: "Girl shot while two boys struggle over shotgun" (Council Bluffs, Iowa); "Charges possible in McCracken boy's death; 4-year-old found pistol on coffee table" (Louisville, Kentucky); "13-year-old boy was slightly injured late Saturday night when he was accidentally shot in the head with a flare gun by his 13-year-old cousin" (St. Petersburg, Florida).

•Aug. 12: "8-year-old [boy shot in abdomen by another child] recovering after shooting" (Chicago).

•Aug. 11: "16-year-old slain [by 18-year-old] inside Virginia Beach Townhouse" (Virginia Beach, Virginia).

•Aug. 10: "Boy, 16, shot in leg accidentally" (North Hollywood).

•Aug. 9: "Grand jury to determine how to proceed in the case of a Grand Prairie grandmother charged with making a firearm available to her 12-year-old grandson, who then killed his 8-year-old playmate" (Dallas).

•Aug. 8: "Boy shoots, kills sister, 10" (Gainesville, Georgia).

•Aug. 7: "Boy, 14, hit in head by stray bullet" (Detroit).

•Aug. 6: "A 25-year-old was critically injured when he was accidentally shot in the face while visiting a friend who was cleaning a gun" (West Melbourne, Florida).

•Aug. 5: "Boy who accidentally shot himself is recovering" (Salem, Oregon).

•Aug. 4: "A man investigators believe shot and killed his two daughters before turning gun on himself apparently had been upset at his wife" (Perrysville, Indiana).

•Aug. 3: "Teens suspected of gunning down 18-year-old" (Anaheim).

•Aug. 2: "Dad shoots son, himself in front of local school" (Mission Viejo); "Dad's deadly mistake: Cop shoots his 3-year-old while unloading gun" (New York).

•Aug. 1: "Man kills girlfriend, self as daughters [12 and 14 years old] watch" (Austin, Texas).

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