Stupid Christo

Missing Wonderlove, but catching Flea

We popped in to Captain Cream's, but that pissed off my sister, too—although not as badly as Christo had. Mostly, it just made her sad.

Friday, I checked in to make sure that several of my favorite places are still standing despite my absence last month. Bamboo Terrace? Check, and brimming with cute, well-heeled little kids making an appearance for the poppy Psychic Heart. DiPiazza's? Full of tired rap/rock from the Bredrin Daddies, who are practically the Stones they're so old and married. And the Blue Cafť? Preparing to receive the terrifying Unknown Hinson onto its stage next month. And who's got a blind date with the toothless, white-eyed felon responsible for such country gems as "Put Out or Get Out," "Fish Camp Woman" and "Pregnant Again"? That's right! Moi! Let the starfucking begin. Thank you!
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