The Republican Suicide Bomber

Bill Simon played gays and religious conservatives for idiots and likely destroyed his own campaign for governor

Documents show that for the next six days, Rogers repeatedly told Log Cabin officials that the signed copy had been mailed. Finally, on Aug. 22, Rogers admitted the signed questionnaire had only been mailed one day earlier. Simon's pro-gay policies would last just 10 days.

Simon consultants Rogers and Steve Frank, who worked on the questionnaire, declined to comment. They told colleagues they had "no intention" of answering the Weekly's questions about the fiasco.

Log Cabin Republican officials, however, weren't tight-lipped. They say Simon and his advisers committed "avoidable blunders" that have irreconcilably alienated gay conservative support.

"Hopefully, Bill Simon's candidacy will be the nadir of Republican politics in California," said Log Cabin political director Christopher Gilbertson. "We hope that after Nov. 5, a new, invigorated and inclusive Republican Party will arise from the heap of devastation."

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