Diary of a Mad County

SATURDAY, Aug. 31 Thanks to a story broken by the Weekly's pesky R. Scott Moxley ("Simon Flip-Flops, Woos Gays," Aug. 23), the gay-hating Campaign for California Families outlines for its members Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon's off-again/on-again love affair with gaydom. Simon tells the Campaign for California Families that Moxley's story is "liberal media lies," but the group (and the Weekly) obtain Simon's answers to a questionnaire from the gay GOP group Log Cabin Republicans in which he supports gay adoption, state recognition of gay-pride parades, tougher hate-crime laws, prohibition of sexual-orientation discrimination in state employment, domestic partnership benefits for UC employees, continued government funding of AIDS research and domestic-partnership recognition for gay couples. After calling Moxley a liar for reporting as much, Simon supported those views in a live radio interview in San Francisco. So Slimin' Simon tells the family-values crowd one thing and gay Republicans and listeners in the gay-friendly Baghdad by the Bay another. Who does this guy think he is? Gray Davis?

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