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Moore had taken a year off his hit television show The Awful Truth to write the book and knew that if Harper Collins continued to wait, his criticisms of the 2000 election, the Kyoto Accords, Enron and other things George W. would be moot. He refused the publisher's demands. Harper Collins threatened to kill the book. Word leaked out. Moved, perhaps, by the potential for bad publicity, Harper Collins released Stupid White Men without fanfare, leaving Moore to organize and pay for his own book tour.

The book is cutthroat in its intensity. His essay "Kill Whitey" rattles off the ways whites have surreptitiously kept blacks from advancing even while paying lip service to civil rights. The chapter "Democrats, DOA" drove me from the Democratic Party. Not only does Moore paint a convincing picture of Clinton as a stealth Republican, but he also reminds us in detail of the many times liberals shrugged off his slow eight-year dismemberment of progressive programs.

There are myriad life lessons here: vote your conscience, not against a candidate or for political expediency. Encourage minority voices. Run for office; the only way to get the scumbags out is to take the empty space away from them yourself. If your local Green Party members are wussies, their bylaws may allow you to take them over—give it a try! Kill Three Strikes laws. Treat the women in your life with respect, and—if you're a man—raise the toilet seat when you take a leak. Stop saying you care about the environment while driving that fucking SUV. Phone the White House and ask Bush when he's going to get some balls and resign. Finally, as Moore said in his appearance at an LA bookstore a few months back, "Dissent! Dissent! Dissent!" (Dave Barton)

Stupid White Men . . . and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation! by Michael Moore; Harper/Collins. Hardcover, 304 pages, $24.95.

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