What a Feeling!

(I am rhythm now)

On the seventh day, we paid homage to King Kukuleleand the Freaky Tikis. Fullerton's swanky Continental Lounge was curiously packed for a Sunday with folks old and young. Nobody doesn't like the Freaky Tikis!

King Kukulele, as usual, was a mix of Catskills humor (he really is an anachronism) and beautiful tropical love songs that made all the girls sigh. Think of Chris Isaak, but without quite as pretty a voice, and playing a ukulele while wearing a grass skirt and a grass crown and telling dumb but superfunny jokes and singing about the Periodic Table of Elements, and you've pretty much got the idea. In the house were everyone in the entire world, as Fullerton takes its tiki seriously. Shouldn't you?

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