Don't Ever Play a Note You Don't Believe

Doug MacLeod's got nothin' but the blues

So he's reluctant to play something by, say, the Rolling Stones, even though he allows that if it weren't for the British invasion, too many Americans wouldn't have learned about the blues in the first place. He says—shyly because he doesn't want to report it as fact—that a limo driver once told him Mick Jagger tunes into Nothin' But the Blueswhen he's in LA. Certainly Nothin' But the Bluesis the kind of place Jagger—or anybody who wants their blues more than basic and their roots long and deep—would seek out.

And he won't comment on any of those complaints made by Wagner. As for the Big Wagman Charge—that KLON management grabs "blues" listener pledges and disperses most of the take to non-blues programming—MacLeod acknowledges it happens. It's how management husbands resources, it's not especially controversial, and he goes with the program. As for the rest of it, he just smiles and quotes bluesman James Harman: "There are three sides to every story."

Did I mention he's too damn nice?

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