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Regarding Greg Stacy's review of the 50-year-old French film Monsieur Hulot's Holiday ("This Week in Idiots Abroad," May 31): Does Stacy come to work on a skateboard? Apparently, Stacy has decided not to undergo the rigors of having to read his way through a foreign-language film, even one with such sparse dialogue as this. (It's well-known how exhausting most Americans find the experience.) Instead, our intrepid Greg Stacy has limited his scope to what can be learned by reading the printed blurb and looking at the photos adorning the package of the VHS version of this film. I won't defend the French, but I believe this film merits slightly more attention than your writer would suggest by dicking around with a bad literal affectation for three paragraphs while still managing to say practically nothing about the film. And no, I am not some kind of secret Monsieur Hulot fan who has popped out of the woodwork to snap over something like this. I just don't like bad writing, and I think you can do better. I know you can.

So, tell Stacy for me that he should switch to Plan B. And if you do pay writers, I'd stop that check. Because ZEE writer . . . EE EEZ ZEE BEEG . . . 'OW YOU SAY . . . ZEE ASS 'OLE.

Christopher Pecharka
Dana Point

Monsieur Greg Stacy responds:Zis writer of ze cranky letter 'oo makes ze rude, ill-founded assumptions, 'oo resorts to ze name-calling like ze whiny titty-baby what he is . . . what can I say to zuch a fellow except . . . double ass 'ole on you, pal.



Can't the Weekly do a food review without historical revisionism? Gustavo Arellano ("Mmmmmm, Subjugation," June 7) states, "You have to hand it to the French. Unlike their genocidal English and rapist Spanish counterparts, the Frenchies' most lasting contribution to their former colonies has been cuisine." While I will not dispute the gastronomic contribution of the French in their colonies, Arellano left out the convenient fact that the Aztecs, Mayans and Toltecs were quite effective and brutal at enslavement and "subjugation." Who do you think built all those pyramids and big stone heads, Mr. Arellano? Willing "indigenous" peoples? Shame on you.

Mike Smith
Berkeley A Weekling pulled off toilet-scrubbing duty responds: Obviously, Arellano chose to contrast Spain and England's brand of subjugation on its colonies with France's because all share the same continent. While you could argue it would have been more comprehensive (and cumbersome) for Arellano to include subjugation inflicted by the Aztecs, Mayans, Toltecs and everyone else on the planet since the dawn of man, how is their omission "historical revisionism"?

It's safe to say that Christopher Prevatt, as Garden Grove's representative on the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) board, misrepresents his constituents by assuming that they, too, would like to swim in an ocean full of shit (Letters, June 7). I just can't believe Garden Grove residents are willing to go to the same great lengths he has over the past couple of years to gain the approval of Bruce A. Broadwater, the city's man who would be king. I also disagree with his assertion that Nick Schou's recent articles on Broadwater's redevelopment plans contained "little factual information." On the contrary, both articles provided vital information that has been withheld by city officials and the news media, including The Orange County Register, Los Angeles Times and Garden Grove Journal.

As an organizer and researcher for the Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees Union, Local 681, I watched Prevatt shift from a hard-hitting critic of the city's union-busting redevelopment policies (even calling for the resignation of the city manager) to an enthusiastic apologist for all the mayor does. That strategy may keep Prevatt in his mayor-appointed spot on the OCSD board, but it's not likely to win him the respect of voters who are looking for real leaders for a change instead of the same old shit.

John Earl
Huntington Beach

In response to Rebecca Schoenkopf's mention of the Don't Quit Your Night Job gathering (Commie Girl, June 7), I'd like to point out a few things. First, "darling and funky" is a term better reserved for an Old Navy tank top, not a solid band whose name is mysteriously missing from the article (they're called Six Ate Nine, in case you didn't know). Second, I'm not sure you stuck around for the second band, Cinderglass, since you make no mention of them. The band really had it together and kept the audience reeling long after Six Ate Nine's killer set. Third, I'm sure your mother is proud, especially with her birthday just around the corner, that she raised a prominent art critic in a bohemian mecca like Orange County. Maybe the mayor of Gay Valley will give you the key to the city—after you apologize for slamming the dancers for their perceived sexual preference. You mean a lot of actors and dancers are gay? Wow, thanks for the insight.

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