Its Like Being a Rock Star

Six summers of pimps and hos at Club Rubber

The solution was heightened security and frisking clubgoers, which satisfied the authorities but chased away many of the cool people. A loss, yes, but it's good for the club's finances. Aksu said the iron law of nightclubs is that the A-list crowd never pays—but the C- and D-list crowd will be more than happy to shell out $20 to feel like Dennis Rodman for a few hours. That D-list crowd has been good for the bottom line.

Sanders has no problems banking $300,000 on a Rubber event, and he still makes enough of a profit so that he—and his employees—can live comfortably. And Sanders has plans to reinvent the club yet again—an expansion of the stage show, perhaps Cirque du Soleil-type acrobats entertaining crowds, he says. Anything but superstar DJs.

"I personally think DJs are way overrated and way overpaid," he says. "Then again, we've never been a DJ club. We're geared toward the pimps and hookers."

Club Rubber's Summer of Love at the Wyndham Palm Springs Hotel, 888 Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, (714) 973-7685; Sat., 10 a.m.-Mon., 6 p.m. Weekend packages start at $289 per person; tickets for Sunday's main event (9 p.m.): $52; VIP, $125. 21+.
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