R. Scott Moxley responds:Grubbs accuses me of slipping into "Brockism" because I've supposedly misrepresented the Washington, D.C., meeting he and his brother-in-law had with Brock. Brock told me the two flew there to see him; Grubbs told me otherwise. If I had wanted to make it "sound so conspiratorial" for Grubbs, I certainly would have made a big deal about that contradiction. I didn't. If he rereads my story, he'll note I focused merely on the meeting itself. On the issue of theRegister newsroom's putative pro-Agran sentiments: I am perplexed by Grubbs' belief that I skewed his quote. He stated—and I'll quote from his e-mail to me—that he "suspected" the paper's newsroom "rather liked Larry's heterodox leftism." In the next sentence, he described Agran's "socialist bent." The terms were his, not mine.

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