Diary of a mad county

SATURDAY, May 11 A study by environmental research group Informsays that Americans will soon be discarding about 130 million cell phones per year, creating 65,000 tons of trash filled with toxic metals and other hazardous stuff. The typical cell phone is now being replaced, discarded into a drawer and eventually tossed into the garbage every 18 months. But there is something you can do with unwanted cell phones other than further filling and polluting our landfills. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence collects wireless phones, programs them to only dial 911, and hands them out free to domestic-violence victims. If we were the type to plug, we'd tell you to go to

Illustration by Bob Aul

SUNDAY, May 12 Organizers of Haute Dogs on the Beachencounter some problems in staging their Mother's Day doggy show in Belmont Shores. The event features awards for the oldest mother dog, the oldest human mother accompanying a pooch, and the smallest canine who's carried a litter. But previously announced contests for the ma dog who has birthed the most puppies and the one in attendance with the most offspring in tow cause zero-pet-population promoters to bark so loudly they're nixed in favor of an award to the human mother who has adopted the most dogs from shelters and rescue groups. With crisis averted, we go on to celebrate Mother's Day with our own bitch.

THURSDAY, May 9: Which art is more offensive?

Photos of Richard Johnson's artwork by Jack Gould
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