The Indigent Girls

From Finland to Fullerton with Sideswipe

Would that they had such problems in the States. The name probably doesn't help. Originally, the group was called Hush, but after a band in New York claimed rights to the name, Sally said they hit the dictionary. "We liked the definition of 'sideswipe,'" she says. "It said, 'a glancing blow.'"

Why not call the group the Glancing Blows, then?

"We were considering the Indigent Girls," Sally says. "The thing is no matter what you do, what you call yourselves, what avenue you take, what you sing about, how you look, whether you're straight or gay, whatever, somebody's going to take exception to it. People will hate your guts without even knowing you. So we're just what we are. Maybe our name isn't the greatest, but there it is. We don't hide the gay thing because we don't care. What you see onstage is us. We're not hip. We're not polished. But we're playing our music with everything we have, and we're trying to take you along with it."

Sideswipe and the Torquays perform at the 38th annual A Night in Fullerton on the roof of the Fullerton Transportation Center parking structure, 100 S. Pomona (between Santa Fe and Commonwealth), Fullerton, (714) 738-6545. Fri., 7-11 p.m. Free. All ages.
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