Newport Beach Film Festival 2002


EDWARDS ISLAND 1Youth Shorts. It's another collection of film shorts, in this case films about young folk. 11 a.m. The Jimmy Show. Drama about an unsuccessful inventor/standup comic who turns to boozing. Ethan Hawke and Frank and Robert Whaley star. West Coast premiere attended by cast and crew. 2 p.m. The Cabbie. A Taiwanese cab driver falls in love with a policewoman and commits every moving violation he can think of in hopes of meeting her in this comedy. Attended by crew. 4 p.m. The Trespasser. West Coast premiere of this drama about six lives amid the confusion of contemporary Brazilian society. 6 p.m. Rodents. West Coast premiere, attended by cast and crew, of an Ecuadorian drama about a young thief who gets out of prison and promptly finds himself back in hot water. 8 p.m. EDWARDS ISLAND 2 The Ashes of the Volcano. Six years after filming his documentary, The Pain of the Dream, director Pedro Perez-Rosado returns to visit with the inhabitants of revolution-torn southwest Mexico. 11:30 a.m. The Power of Truth—According to the Dalai Lama. West Coast Premiere of a documentary featuring interviews conducted during the Dalai Lama's trip to Denmark in 2000. 1:30 p.m. Desperado Square. An Israeli man receives a vision in which his late father orders him to open the family's long-closed cinema and screen a film. The man proceeds to follow his father's orders over his mother's strenuous objections. 3 p.m. Girl Fever. One disease you hope they never find the cure for. This is a romantic comedy about an artist who falls for a depressed woman. The unfamiliar-sounding cast and crew attend this West Coast premiere screening. 5 p.m. According to Spencer. Comedy about a guy who agrees to star in a low-budget movie in exchange for free room and board, only to discover it's actually a porno flick. 7 p.m.The Polyester Prince Road Show 2002 Tour. Contrary to expectations, this show has nothing to do with John Waters' traveling lecture show. But it is a pretty cool collection of film shorts, making its SoCal premiere. The lineup includes Satoshi Shimizu's cartoon romance Joe's In Love and Mike Ott's glam-rock extravaganza The Chad Lawler Story. 9 p.m. LIDO THEATER The Bank. See April 11 listing. 11 a.m. USC Short Film Showcase. Six short films. From USC. And they're showcased! 1:30 p.m. Mind Meld: Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime. See Film feature, page 38. 4 p.m. Stan Lee: Mutants, Monsters and Marvels. While some vocal parties have presented persuasive evidence that it was artist Jack Kirby, not Stan Lee, who actually invented most of the characters that made Marvel Comics a success, fanboys still venerate Lee, the avuncular, wig-wearing rogue featured in this documentary portrait. That pesky Kevin Smith is on-hand with commentary. Attended by cast and crew. 5:30 p.m. To Kill a Mockingbird. Gala screening of the Southern Gothic classic, presented as a special tribute to famed composer Elmer Bernstein, who will be in attendance. 7 p.m. Markova: Comfort Gay. Philippines drama chronicling the many ups and even more frequent downs in the long life of a gay man. Attended by cast and crew. 9:30 p.m.


EDWARDS ISLAND 1Can't Get Enough Shorts!You can tell that past a certain point, the festival folks just gave up trying to come up with catchy titles for their shorts programs. This one is particularly tired. That exclamation point isn't fooling anyone. This bunch of shorts includes David Ward's Sixty Cups of Coffee and Haley Mclane's To Ease the Loss. 11 a.m. Manito. West Coast premiere of this drama about a day in the life of two Latino brothers and their gradually transforming neighborhood. 2 p.m.Put a Thrill in Your Shorts. Pathetic title, guys. Simply pathetic. But the show does include such kooky gems as Chris Bailey's computer-animated Major Damage, featuring giant marauding tiki monsters. 4 p.m. EDWARDS ISLAND 2 My American Girls: A Dominican Story. West Coast premiere of a documentary about Sandra Ortiz, a woman who left the Dominican Republic for New York and now faces challenges raising her three daughters. 11 a.m. The Execution of Wanda Jean. West Coast premiere of a documentary about Wanda Jean Allen, a woman who faced the death penalty. 12:30 p.m. Kanadiana. West Coast premiere, attended by cast and crew, of a thriller about a young, would-be novelist who is unaware she possesses the booty wanted by two hoods. Uh, not that kind of booty. Jeez, you guys. 2 p.m.Big City Shorts. Just kinda blah, as titles go. Basic but informative, as these are all shorts about life in the big city. 5 p.m. EDWARDS ISLAND 1 & 2 In the Bosom of the Enemy. And they do mean bosom. The story of a Filipino woman who becomes wet nurse to a Japanese soldier's baby in exchange for her husband's freedom. But as time goes on, she finds herself preferring the company of the soldier and the baby to her husband. 8 p.m. LIDO THEATER Julietta. See April 13 listing. 11 a.m. Hunters Moon. West Coast premiere of a drama about a guy, his transvestite pal and the dangers they face as they attempt to make a drug run carrying 30 kilos of coke they picked up at the Colombian border. Could you possibly devise a more sleazy-sounding plot for a movie? I'd like to see you try. 1 p.m. The Medicine Show. See Film feature, page 38. 4 p.m. Manna From Heaven. Shirley Jones, Shelly Duvall and Cloris Leachman star in this comedy about what happens when an apparent gift from God turns out to be merely a loan. 7 p.m.
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