Newport Beach Film Festival 2002

THURSDAY, April 11

BIG NEWPORT The Bank. This year's festival launches with a screening of this thriller about the chaos theory as applied to the world of Australian high-finance. Anthony La Paglia and David Wenham star. The cast and crew will be in attendance. 7:30 p.m.

FRIDAY, April 12

EDWARDS ISLAND 1 The Children of Siberia. Documentary look at the children who remained behind when their Latvian parents were deported to Siberia in 1941.11 a.m. Dangerous Summer. A Prussian girl and Latvian radio journalist fall in love in this historical melodrama set in 1940.Noon. Manuela Saenz. "The dark side of official history," a drama concerning Herman Melville's attempts to save Saenz, Simon Bolivar's lover, from the plague. 2 p.m.There's Something Fun In My Shorts.This is a big bunch of shorts on the comic side, including such fare as Bryan Harston's eMale, about a guy who tries to win a contest by living alone in his apartment for a year with naught but the internet to sustain him, and Wendy Wilkins' Get Skinny, about three gals who become fed up with mainstream standards of beauty, kidnap a model and force her to fatten up. 4 p.m. The Broken Wings of Elijah Footfalls. Very Cirque du Soleil story of a romantic triangle between a juggler, a circus ringmaster and the ringmaster's girl. Lots of shots of our hero in a clown nose doing the sad-clown face. If you can get through Le Cirque without retching, this could be for you.6:30 p.m. The Bronze Screen. Documentary exploring the Latino contribution to film over the past 100 years. Reception follows at El Torito Grill. 8 p.m. EDWARDS ISLAND 2Bucket o' Shorts. The fare includes Tom Novak's Foursome and Ruth Sergel's Cusp. 11:30 a.m. Battleship Texas: The Lone Star Ship. Documentary look at the only battleship still in service that served in both World Wars. 2 p.m. To Protect & Serve. Satire about a young documentary filmmaker who sets out to make a film about the LAPD. Attended by cast and crew.3:30 p.m. You Don't Know What I Got. Documentary that "reveals a cross-section of American women," ranging from singer Ani DiFranco to housekeeper Jimmie Woodruff.6 p.m. Joint Security Area. Action/drama about an investigation into a shootout at the Korean DMZ.8:30 p.m. LIDO THEATER Aftermath: Remnants of War. A documentary about the lingering after-effects of some of the 20th century's most brutal wars, focusing on personal accounts of those involved in the cleanups.11 a.m. Bark. Lisa Kudrow and Hank Azaria star in this comedy about a dog walker who gradually assumes the identity of a canine. Even the festival program doesn't sound very enthused, calling it a "cute, sentimental view of mental illness as societal rebellion." 1 p.m. Obaachan's Garden. Documentary about filmmaker Linda Ohama's grandmother, who looks back at her life at age 103, having survived Hiroshima and the World War II forced relocation of her family.3 p.m. A Short Look at Us. Collection of shorts including Tom Pankratz's Jittersand Adolfo Vargas' Infidel.5 p.m. An Evening With John Waters. Get set for twisted merriment and hijinks as Waters hosts a screening of his depraved masterpiece Polyester—complete with Odorama cards! There will also be a Q&A, and Waters will spin some sleazily fascinating anecdotes from his long career. A private party follows. 8 p.m.SATURDAY, APRIL 13 EDWARDS ISLAND 1 In Shifting Sands. West Coast premiere of a documentary about the debacle surrounding the UN's inspection of Iraq's arms. 11 a.m.Hawaiian Shorts. Hot dang! A collection of Hawaiian short films, "accented by music and traditional Hawaiian dancing!" 1:30 p.m. Amy's Orgasm. Amy is a successful young author who has penned the best-seller Why Love Doesn't Work. But when she meets a vulgar shock jock, her theories about romance go out the window. 4 p.m. Blood: The Last Vampire. Japanese anime thriller about a vampire slayer on the prowl on Halloween, when the distinction between legit bloodsuckers and mere costumed revelers can be a tricky matter. 6 p.m.Academy Award-Nominated Shorts. The lineup includes Kalman Apple's Speed for Thespians and Joe Merideth's Stubble Trouble. 7 p.m. The Decline of Western Civilization III. Penelope Spheeris' latest music doc looks into the lives of hardcore punk fans in LA, circa 2000. 9:30 p.m. EDWARDS ISLAND 2 Nynke. Netherlands drama about a children's book author who attempts to leave her writing behind to embrace life as a wife and mother, only to find her new existence unfulfilling. 11 a.m. Dirtboy. A young man moves to a town where a famous, elderly author lives. As the young man listens to one of the author's books on tape, events in real life begin to imitate the novel. A thriller from director John V. Smalley, with the screening attended by cast and crew. 1 p.m. Violet Perfume. Mexican drama about two young girls from different class backgrounds who become friends. When one of them is raped, she only tells her friend, and their shared secret results in tragedy. 3:30 p.m. The Search for John Gissing. Janeane Garafolo and Alan Rickman star in this comedy about a husband and wife who find their life being turned inside-out by the schemes of the man the husband has brought to England to unknowingly replace. Attended by cast and crew. 5:30 p.m. As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me. Docudrama based on the true story of Clemens Forell, a German soldier who escaped a Siberian labor camp and spent three years struggling to return to his Prussian family. The cast and crew (all unknowns) will attend. 8 p.m. LIDO THEATER Bad Trip. Ghastly sounding thriller about three hip-hop comic-book characters come to life. "Warning, this movie kicks ass!!!" I think I'll heed that warning and stay away. Screens with the short Scratch Miscellaneous, a documentary, super-eight look at art, surfing and travel. The cast and crew of both films will attend, not that there's anybody in either bunch you've heard of. 11 a.m. Drive-In Movie Memories. Relive those fond recollections of being squeezed into the trunk to sneak into shows. I get misty just thinking of it. Come on, how much better would Blade II be on a drive-in screen? Like, infinitely. 1:30 p.m. Julietta. SoCal premiere of a romantic drama about DJs, drugs and pregnant girls, featuring a love triangle set against the backdrop of the Berlin Love Parade. 3 p.m. Interstate 60. See Film feature, page 36. 5 p.m. A Tribute to McG. A celebration of the short career of the OC native who directed Charlie's Angels and music videos by Cypress Hill and Everclear, along with other crimes against humanity. Party follows at the Hard Rock Café. 8 p.m. Eat/Mutant Aliens. See Film feature, page 36. 10 p.m.
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