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Coconut Teaszer

And we liked Repo: A Genetic Opera, as performed by a covey of "arteest" types up at Hollywood's Coconut Teaszeron April 5. Darren Smith, co-creator/keyboard player, is a Newport Beach real-estate attorney (!) who used to be in a band with smart guy (now NYU professor) Mark Dery. Even though our friend made us leave in the middle because he was having a bad night, it was a promising affair. The premise: in a Blade Runner-ish future, GeneCois repossessing the organs of people who can't pony up. It was all very bloody and gory. Parts dragged—particularly when Shiloh was all mopey because her mom died when she was a baby, but look! Here's her journal! Snooze!—but then there were good, wholly ridiculous parts involving a guy who looked like Bono, a beglittered black woman wailing like Tina Turner as the Acid Queen (but with a lot more opera in her) and a blond Asian strumpet who brought the hipster house down with her soprano-disco rendition of "Blame Not My Cheeks." They can't help it if they're so lovely and round and can't get no satisfaction. Blame me.
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