Judas Priest!?

The key, of course, is opera

As "Do it!" becomes "Just Do It!" one hears echoes of Marx and Engels in The Communist Manifesto: "The cheap prices of commodities are the heavy artillery with which it forces the barbarians' intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate."

The "capitulation" is the end of the archaic society against which Priest has so eloquently raged ("Long ago when man was king/His heart was clean now he's stained class/Time has slashed each untouched thing/So now he's just a stained class king"), and in this capitulation, we find renewal, salvation and a worldwide eruption of the oppressed against their oppressors. To call it a revolution would not be far off—indeed, talk of revolution, and one has no choice but to talk of Judas Priest.

Judas Priest performs with Anthrax at the House of Blues, 1530 S. Disneyland Dr., Anaheim, (714) 778-2583; www.hob.com. Sun., 8 p.m. $37.50. All ages.
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