All Rise Together

OCs first real independent hip-hop label is all about friends helping friends

Perhaps the most rewarding show so far, said Perry, was also All Rise Records' biggest direct-marketing challenge. It happened when the label introduced Thadius to the Surf City's hardcore punk rock scene at a Main Street bar. "We did a show for a bunch of punk rock skinhead dudes," Perry explained. He said the audience wasn't happy when they realized that an African-American rapper was about to take the stage.

"The concert was really nerve-racking," he said. "All these skinheads were shuffling around and grumbling."

But the heckling ended the moment Thadius started rapping the lyrics to "Blood & Sweat," the first track on his upcoming album. "These skinheads were really feeling the music," Perry recalled. "They were rocking out; they really appreciated the music."

Thadius performs in the parking lot of the Santa Ana Courthouse, 700 Civic Center Dr., Santa Ana; Feb. 2, noon. Free.
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