Harold Ezell is Still Dead

But we need more little deaths

We're hermetically sealed and sanitized for our protection because we're so traumatized by our parents' divorces. Oh, and AIDS. I would also like to take this opportunity to blame the Internet. Just because.

So stop it already. Have the sex. Make the love. Pant and sweat and thrust and scream! Or if you have children who wake up easily (probably the effluvia of that time in your life when you actually had sex), then pant and sweat and thrust and just kind of whimper, which isn't at all the same thing. Make it your New Year's resolution. Once, my resolution was to go to more parties, and I totally did! Resolutions are fully realizable, if you don't resolve anything stupid or hard like going to the gym or quitting smoking.

We are worms' meat, Mercutio. Eat the worm. Thank you!

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