The Happy Ones

With Rock Steady, No Doubt officially joins pop-music aristocracy

"That's not to say that you wouldn't do it . . . like, write lyrics about that in the future," he says. "We'll just see if it happens naturally."

Stefani isn't mad, but she is a little ruffled.

"I know, I know—that's what I was saying," she tells Kanal. "I was saying, 'I wonder if, in some way, it's going to affect everyone.'"

"Like, if you get inspired someday," Tony offers.

"Look, I'm just wondering how it's going to affect us creatively," Gwen says. "I don't know. It's going to affect us, no matter what. And I'm wondering if it will be beyond, you know, where everyone's like, 'Did you wear a different outfit tonight because of the whole terrorist thing?' And I'm, like, 'No, I didn't! I'm not!' Oh, you know what I mean. We hear the stupidest questions."

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