Matt Coker responds: Yes, it's true, someone who failed to read the item carefully could conclude what Black did. But I actually wrote that the Land Trust is among those environmental groups who have battled for wetlands restoration for years. I noted that one of those groups, Surfrider, opposes connecting the wetlands with the ocean. Maybe a real journalist could uncover what's inaccurate about that statement.


To Mighty, Mighty Christian in Lake Forest: Abortion is legal; killing abortion doctors is illegal because the courts say it is. Please check your Bible, especially Romans 13:1-8. To San Diego Jim: Anybody who lives in Southern California and hates Mexicans is asking for it. We have two syllables for you: "Oslo." To Newport Beach Conservative: Thanks for the advice, but we left Alabama to get away from the likes of you. To Irvine Businessman: (1) learn to spell; (2) never refer to yourself as "CEO" unless your company has more than a single employee; (3) "bite you"? Not even after a tetanus shot. To Mom: Stop reading the paper from back to front.

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