Billy-Bashing Bandwagon

Register jumps onand gets burned

Meanwhile, on Nov. 12, a full four days after the Journal's retraction (which could not end without rapping Clinton for making such a convoluted point that people misinterpreted it), our own Register ran an unbylined editorial titled "Clinton's Drivel" that was still based on the Washington Times' fuck-up.

The Reg wrote that "to even imply that terrorist attacks on innocent people in America are divine retribution for those injustices is to take advantage of the terrorist situation to advance one's political agenda." It likened Clinton to "a blame America firster" and compared his assertion to Jerry Falwell's about God allowing the terrorist attack as payback for America's tolerance of gays. But the last line was rich with irony:

"Fortunately, America has moved beyond the Clinton era and won't have to pay attention to his drivel any more."

How can we stop paying attention to Clinton's drivel when the Register can't resist quoting—or, rather, misquoting—his every word?

By the way, as of Nov. 19, the Registerhad not corrected its error.

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