Nordstrom Pit Stop

The men dont know, but the makeup ladies understand

The Muckenthaler museum in Fullerton is a lovely place. It sits on the crest of a hill, lawns surrounding it like a plantation in the Deep South. It has an amphitheater with little tables so you can pretend you're in the good seats at the Hollywood Bowl. And it's stuffy like a DAR meeting. (Do we have DAR meetings in OC, and if so, can I come?)

So why, on Saturday afternoon, were Jay Buchanan and the Dibs' Chris Hanlin—two of the hippest musicians in these parts—preparing to take the stage and wow the old ladies with the fingers in their ears? I still haven't figured that one out. But it may have something to do with the fact that the Muckenthaler's new exhibit is a roundup of contemporary local artists, many of whom are—shhhhh!—edgy.

Edgy? The Muckenthaler? Well, sock me in the mouth and call me Violet! But only if you want to.

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