What Is It About the Gay Heroin Addicts?

Monique Powell on boys, bands and bananas in the bathtub

I never dated a guy who was actually a gay heroin addict, but they just look like that. I get sucked into it. Maybe it's because I like my boys to not eat too much so I never have to cook.

Do you cook?

Rarely. I like to cook, but I never do.

I've started cooking more after Sept. 11. I think it's some weird response.

I think a lot of women responded by doing needless shopping. We were in England, and I didn't eat or sleep that entire week. I was sad about not being home when it happened.

Are you scared?


Does flying freak you out?

No, because whatever's going to happen is going to happen, and if it means having to compromise my life or lifestyle out of fear, what kind of life am I leading? We should all live life to the fullest regardless of our fears, which is not to say that we should be stupid. I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco, but I drove real fast.

OBSESSIONSAre you still obsessed with clowns and chickens?

Yes, of course. We stayed at Circus Circus in Las Vegas when we played a couple of weeks ago, and I didn't sleep.

Because you were scared?

I think it was the fear and excitement all at once.

Have you ever found yourself physically attracted to a clown?

Maybe the clown Adam Sandler played in Shakes the Clown.

What about a chicken?

I saw these white exotic fluffy chickens at some zoo in Hamburg. They were pretty hot.

What about Foghorn Leghorn?

Nah, too buff.

So even when it comes to poultry you like the gay heroin look! ORANGE COUNTYDo you miss Orange County at all?

Only the shopping. It's a lot less hassle than in LA.

How come?

Because in LA, traffic's always a problem, and then once you get there, everything you want is already gone. Oh, my God, the singer of the Strokes is so hot I can't stop looking at this picture of him!

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