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I failed to appreciate the crack about the fiberglass sheep in Fullerton ("Best of OC," Oct. 19), especially since I happen to be the creator of one of them. Anything ANYBODY does to bring something creative, whimsical and, yes, artistic to this miserable rectal-oriented cess-pit of an area—THE WHOLE DAMN COUNTY—is truly embarking on a voyage of futility. I spent a great deal of the past 30-plus years living from St. Moritz to the Grand Palais in Paris. You've heard of Paris? Also, you knock my favorite restaurant (the Cellar). This may be the last establishment west of New York (if even there) that can whip up a realsauce bťarnaise—none of this "in its own jus" rubbish the rest of the dives in this decayed tourist trap grind out. Somebody shelled out $200 at that venerable establishment and complained about it? You were granted a privilege, moron! That poor, wretched strip of reeking sand and fuming water, Doheny State Sewage Beach, also had mention in your accounting. I knew it well more than 40 years ago, when it had pristine sand and crystal-clear water teeming with sea life. While riding waves there, I made it a point to ram my surfboard up the ass of anybody who looked sideways at me. I'd like to do the same to the cretin who penned those pieces to which I objected. That which is valued in Orange County is evidence of the indigenous anal-vision of what are certainly the LAST DAYS. Your posterity is a cockroach. Poor roach! Other than this, not a bad rag you got.

R. Peterson
Riverside Dave Wielenga responds: When it comes to fiberglass sheep, I'm with you, R. Now, I'm probably not what you would consider culturistical enough to judge whether they're creative, whimsical or artistic. But I can vouch for their practicality—particularly the one that stands in the middle of Harbor Boulevard with a map plastered to its torso. Yep, that was me a couple of weekends back, scoping out the sheep's underside as cars whizzed by, figuring out how to get from Fullerton to the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana.


Saw the photo of Federation X's front man flipping the bird ("Loud Enough for You?" Nov. 2). Dude, I've got the first album by Moby Grape, circa 1966, and guess what? Their front man is flipping the bird. Hope your music is more original than your lame attempt to be hip, cool or whatever.

Dan Adams
San Diego


Steve Lowery contends ("No Casual Readers, Please," Nov. 9) that people angered by his attempt at satire ("OC's 31 Scariest People: The Arab That Lives Down the Street," Oct. 26) either do not understand the concept of satire or do not live in the area. I read the article in question, understood that you wrote it in satire, and was still saddened, embarrassed and offended. I am sure many people of Arab descent, who are presently living in fear from hate-motivated crimes, also failed to see the humor in your article. It just wasn't funny and was in extremely poor taste. Rather than continue to defend your gaffe and find fault with your detractors, why don't you just apologize and get on with it?

Chris Coppersmith
Huntington Beach


Congrats to the Weekly for having the courage to expose some of our notable Republican leaders and the public officials who regularly polish their knobs. The stories on the Allens, wannabe Ambassador George Argyros, Huntington Beach Councilman Dave Garofalo, and our oh-so-whorish DA Tony Rackauckas are worth their weight in gold. You have helped expose the corruption and bigotry of the OC ruling class. I am not happy with your choice of The Arab Who Lives Down the Street as one of the scariest people in OC—not because the satire escaped me, but because it wasted valuable space that could have been given to any number of people. If you wanted to scare people, you could have chosen the tucked, lifted and collagened wives of some of these wealthy men. They are truly scary. Please continue to give 'em hell and keep the bastards wondering who will be next.

Name Withheld by Request
via e-mail


Attention Jim Washburn: the blimp hangars at the closed Tustin Air Base are the world's largest UNSUPPORTED wooden structures. Lots of wood-framed structures are larger than the hangars, but none are without supports. Jeez, Jim, try for a little accuracy, why don't you?

Alan Jones
Mission Viejo

Jim Washburn responds: Look on the bright side, Alan: if we were theRegister, we'd be calling them the world's largest TAX-SUPPORTED wooden structures.


To Outraged Mother of Three-Year-Old: "The Weekly is a fucking disgrace"? The paper is "totally fucking illegal"? You're "fucking calling the cops"? Do you talk to your daughter with that mouth? To Business Professional: "Intellectual" has a total of three Ls; "faggot" has two Gs; and it's not "commonist," but "communist," but we understand your confusion. We wish you good luck in your search for a "sutable advertising venue." To Wondering in Irvine: "Minute steak" is a reference to time, not size.