Red, White and Pissed-Off

Moxley responds to Jo Ellen Allens response to God Bless America!

7) "Moxley's innuendo concerning my moral character has created more pain than he will ever know." I don't deal in the economy of personal pain. I reported that Jo Ellen married Eddie two months after she divorced her first husband because that's what the marriage certificate shows.

8) "Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wagner. We had never met them before the day we agreed to rent their home." I think Jo Ellen protests too much. I never said the Allens knew Wagner before they moved into his Santa Ana home. But now that she mentions it, after years of politicking on various right-wing issues at the Newport Mesa School Board, Jo Ellen ran for a seat on the board in 1989, when Steven Wagner was the district financial officer. And she never met him? Then, while randomly driving the streets of Santa Ana three years later, she settles on a rental property owned by the same man?

9) "They were landlords and we paid monthly rent." Paying rent would have been a change for the Allens, who moved into Wagner's Santa Ana home after stiffing their previous landlord for $14,000. In the course of the bankruptcy proceeding, the Allens finances have been laid open in court. Those documents reveal no payments to the Wagners. Jo Ellen has refused my request for proof she ever paid rent.

10) "I made an inquiry on behalf of Lucinda." I recounted this story for one reason only: to point out that Jo Ellen, who asserts she knows nothing of her husband's business schemes, used her political contacts inside the district attorney's office to obtain a document about her husband's key employee—a document that would have been denied to Lucinda Herdman herself had she made the request.

11) "[I]n keeping with the Weekly's style of journalism, which knows no bounds of privacy or decency, Moxley calls Eddie's sexual impotency a 'bizarre assertion.'" On the contrary, it's Eddie who apparently knows no bounds. Under questioning from his own attorney in a bankruptcy proceeding, Eddie told the court he carried in his wallet a card declaring himself impotent. Where I come from, card-carrying impotents are bizarre. Eddie didn't mind disclosing highly personal information when he apparently believed doing so would help his bankruptcy case. (Note to Jo Ellen: As you know, I refrained from publishing other truly embarrasing sexual information that was introdued at the trail.)

12) "Eddie's health problems were sustained as the result of activities in the Air Force in late 1963." See No. 3 above.

13) "Lucinda's employment was not a secret to anyone." Here again, Jo Ellen contradicts her own assertions that she knows nothing of her husband's business deals. Creditors in the bankruptcy proceeding said Eddie received more than $500,000 from Lucinda's mother, defaulted on repayment, and signed a secret deal with Lucinda after her mother's death. Eddie claimed that the settlement with Lucinda was legitimate. The judge disagreed, calling Eddie's story "simply not credible."

In two weeks: Eddie Allen, master spy.

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