Still on Fire

The boys of Lit on fame, follow-up albums and hanging around the mall

There was a time when A.Jay had a bad temper. If someone said something that rubbed him the wrong way, he'd rub back. "But now I can't. I can't really do anything," he says. "Even if a guy starts shit with me I can't get in a fight because I'd be sued. You have to be really careful. You almost need security just to protect your ass because you can't really defend yourself."

And does that suck?

"It does suck!" he says emphatically. Or perhaps it doesn't, on reflection: "It probably keeps me out of trouble. I find myself biting my tongue a lot more, like when I hear some guy saying, 'Oh, big rock star,' I find it easier to pretend I didn't hear it, which is a good thing. I probably should have been that way before."

"It's progress," says Shellenberger.

"It's like what your mom told you in high school," says Jeremy. "Just ignore them."


Before he was famous A.Jay used to think it would be cool to date a supermodel or famous girl, but now he finds himself attracted to the exact opposite. "I'm into supernormal girls—supernormal-looking with normal lives. You want someone who's going to ground you. I already had the chance to date celebrities, and it's an instant turnoff," he says. (In an effort to find out which celebs he's dated, we circumvented normal channels and went, instead, to Erin Law, who's a huge Lit fan, who said she knows everything about Lit. She asked a friend—also a huge Lit fan—who said, "There's hearsay that says he's been with Carmen Electra." We do not know if this is true.)

But what about the idea that only another celebrity would understand celebrity? "I don't really know if that's the case," A.Jay says diplomatically. "I think other celebrities are so caught up in their worlds, and two crazy worlds put together is just going to be chaos."

"I think it's definitely hard for a girl to put up with this kind of lifestyle," says Jeremy. "That's why I think a lot of guys in bands have either been in relationships for a really long time or have been single for a really long time. You find someone that can tolerate you and you kind of keep them around."

Which is what Jeremy's done. He's been with his wife, Michelle, for more than 10 years. The two are expecting a child this month.

FAME (part 3)

Spin magazine once ran a story about how to sneak into VIP rooms at clubs in which the author mentioned celebrities who would be easy to impersonate because no one knows what they look like. One of these under-the-radar celebrities was Kevin Baldes. The story said something like "even his mom wouldn't recognize him" and then said something derogatory about his polyester pants. "They ripped me," exclaims Baldes. But he's not upset. If anything, it seems like a point of pride for him. "It was cool, man. They put a picture of me in Spin magazine!" FAME (part 4) On "Lipstick and Bruises," the first single from Atomic, A.Jay sings, "Kiss me on the way up/Kick me when I fall down." "It's that thing where things are going so killer, but you just know everyone's waiting for that moment when you start to slip," says Jeremy. "It's crazy: you're constantly swimming through the piranhas. You gotta stay on top and keep going, otherwise they just can't wait to get a piece." He pauses and reconsiders. "Well, that could be a little bit of paranoia. Maybe it's not necessarily that way, but you just sense that it could happen." Lit perform with Handsome Devil and MxPx at the Santa Anita Racetrack, 285 W. Huntington Dr., Arcadia, (626) 574-7223. Sat. 10:30 a.m. Concert free with $5 admission to park. All ages; Lit appear on KROQ's Loveline. Sun., 10 p.m.-midnight; Lit make an in-store appearance at Wherehouse Music, 3850 Barranca Pkwy., Irvine, (949) 857-1095. Tues., 7 p.m. To attend the in-store concert, get a wristband at Wherehouse. Mon., midnight. For more info on Lit, go to
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